Patricia Cheung


It all started in the early sixties when Kung Wha Cheung figured out that perhaps you could dig a cellar under your own house to create an extra room. His new room also had to become the most modern room of that time and he succeeded. So modern that there was only one name for his latest creation of the future and that was Room 2000. The name of PLAN2000 was born, the seed was planted and Patricia was infected with her father’s creative virus.

The family kept on moving and each house became another challenge to bring the future into the present. Other layouts, subtle details, references to their Chinese Heritage; they all passed by and whether it was in The Hague, Wassenaar, De Kaag or Spain, the signature of Kung Wha Cheung was always recognizable and always a step ahead of the going and predictable. It is this inheritance that Patricia Cheung received from her father, hidden in her genes, brought in with the spoon and always with the idea that Kung Wha looks over her shoulders. Patricia is characterized by adopting challenges that others do not see. It is therefore her conviction that you should not look at a building with the idea of what a building it is, but with the thought of what you can make of it. Creating light, vistas, color schemes and material choices without knowing who your buyer is, but above all without taking into account what one expects, is the power of Patricia Cheung. The end product always has to become so that people who walk into the end product see the house as their new home.